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interlock restoration
interlock restoration
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Why We're The Best

We aim to push industry standards by providing long-term interlock solutions to both residential and commercial properties. It's our ambition to provide the best interlock at the most cost-effective prices combined with efficient procedure.

Besides being the best long-term investment for paving, interlock unlocks limitless ideas and creativity; we are here to not only provide the best value, but also help explore, inspire, and suggest creative ideas to construct a personalized experience that is ultimately reflected in the interlock.

Every day we strive to upgrade our efficiency - even by the slightest margin, to improve workmanship & speed, ultimately costing you less and getting the job properly completed in the shortest amount of time possible.

These variables come together to give us the ability to push the industry standards and competition, while maintaining a safe, healthy work environment.

Feel free to contact us about any questions or ideas, and we'll be sure to respond as soon as possible

Interlock Restoration

Starting @ $6.50/sqft

Our mission for restoration is to simply make your interlock look brand new, or better.

We start by identifying the cause(s) for the restoration, and provide a long-term solution to prevent it from happening again.

Fixes & Eliminates

  • Shifting
  • Pooling
  • Weeds


  • High-grade Polymeric Sand
  • Heavy Plate Compaction
  • Bedding Material
  • Up To 5 Year Warranty

Interlock Installation / Replacement

Starting @ $10.50/sqft

First off, congratulations for choosing interlock.

Not only have you have unlocked a world of creative possibilities, you have selected the best long term investment for paving in Canada.


  • High-grade Polymeric Sand
  • Heavy Plate Compaction
  • Bedding Material
  • Up To 5 Year Warranty

Interlock Sealing

Starting @ $1.50/sqft

Sealing is essential in retaining the quality, & increasing the look of your interlock stones.

Sealing provides a protective barrier between interlock and the outside elements such as dirt, oil, water, & salt. There are options to have a permanent wet look, increase the contrast of the stone, or even have a glossy finish.

It is highly recommended to apply efflorescence cleaner on any new stones before sealing.


  • Deep Pressure Washing
  • High-grade Polymeric Sand Installation
  • Sealant Installation

Add Ons

Add these extras to any of our packages. Ask for bundle discounts!

  • Pressure Washing
    Starting @ $0.25/sqft

  • Sanding
    Starting @ $0.75/sqft

  • Edging
    Starting @ $2.00/lnft

  • Sod
    Starting @ $2.50/sqft
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